January 9, 2015 gaywin

Company Announcement

Along a decent change
comes a challenging era for those that are left behind, however this is certainly not the case with our Durban office.

As from the 01st March 2015, David Griffiths, our long serving Director who has been manag-ing the office in Durban, has since retired his position as both a Director of the firm and office bearer of the Durban office. He has assumed a less demanding role of being a Consultant who will from time to time be at the office to assist with many of the current projects that are under administration.

For most of us still with the firm, we appreciate that we can still tap into his wisdom and invaluable insight in project cost control and management. The time that he has reluctantly, with much persuasion, apportioned from his retirement, will be used to validate a great deal of development of our staff and overseeing on the senior tier of the organisation.

We are most grateful that he has extended the desire to still remain with the firm, particularly to see that some of the roles that are ancillary to our core service are better handled.

In the helm of a well-functioning Durban Office, Sharendra Bedesi, who is well-disposed to all of you, shall be taking over from David Griffiths. Amongst his many roles, he will be the interface to staff and assisted by the existing management to drive the prosperous agenda of the Durban Office and other subsidiaries.

The firm is eager to welcome both in their newly crafted roles and wishes both David and Sharendra success in their day-to-day responsibilities and trust that this shall find an already oiled machine represented.

By: Qinisani Mbatha
Managing Director

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