Our Wall of Fame

Dear Colleagues

There is nothing more rewarding than taking on an assignment that , when completed , yields a positive acknowledgement and sentiment both to oneself and those that have assisted to shape its success. Today, we must recognise an old idiom which when recited reminds us that “understanding talent in the workplace and blending human and business skills , when combined, often deliver s extraordinary increases in talent performance ”. In support of this ethos, I can certainly profess and further emphasize that coupled with a personal willingness to achieve what is import ant in one’s career path , driven by a grounded inquisiti on to better what is learned and reshape future prospects, achieves a phenomenal preposition to one ’s path.

We are very encouraged with what Sean Heydenrych and Shikhar Soni have done in lifting t heir specialist skills set and casting their names on the infamous “ MW&S Wall of Fame ” by making a positive contribution , firstly to their colleagues in Durban , and more so to the rest of the firm , particularly those who are still busy with their APC s. Testimony to this , I’m reminded of an unknown scholar who maintains that you are not qualified as a n expert in your field of study until you specialize .
This is the same premise that engulfs a quantity surveyor to advance his or her APC to be recognised as a Professional in his or her way of specialist knowledge.

As the year draws to its final close and with a huge dent to our patience , particularly on those projects that have been drastically delayed in implementation, I believe there’s a lot of more exciting things yet to grace our appetite in the next com ing months which will put to test all these qualifications attained by our very own this year.

For this moment calls for celebratory remarks to both Sean and Shikhar for passing their APC s, writing their own names to the wall of fame in MWS career development . A contest set up by two ladies earlier this year that has seen them finish the year with a bang !