June 8, 2018 gaywin

Our Own Pride and Joy!

Dear Colleagues

Allow me to share with you very exciting news that occurred during
the month of May 2018. We have in our midst, in fact, for the first
time, two admirable Quantity Surveyors who have done this
company very proud by meritoriously cracking yet another career
milestone within our walls.

These individuals heeded our call to run a course that defines
excellence, severity and dedication in becoming a fully-fledged
professional within this exciting knowledge management industry
that we serve. They have reclassed the interpretation that defines
the art of career growth and foremost the understanding that
there is no secret to success other than preparation, hard work and learning from failure, and this was very well done.

A lot of us would like to think that this is pure luck, but I beg to differ and rather share my belief which embodies that luck is a factor of thinking and we become lucky only when we give our best as they both clearly did.

To those that are still in pursuit of their APC – let this be a beacon of light and encouragement to always remember that the key to success in anything you do is to “study while others sleep, work while others loaf around, prepare while others are playing and dream while others just wish”.

With those kind words, please join me in congratulating our “Rising Stars”, Ms Lebo Masera and Ms Esther Rwelamila, who passed their APC during the month of May 2018.

“A sigh of relief to you both, you have finally done it and most of all 
Congratulations on your great achievement! You have made MW&S very proud!!!”

Qinisani Mbatha
Managing Director