April 16, 2018 gaywin

Ian Furter appointed Regional Director

In line with our long term strategic objective to developing and empowering a sustainable leadership model in our national footprint and furthering the goals set in reaching our centenary with a dream team, we have now consolidated this desire in the Durban office.

The board of Mbatha Walters & Simpson (Pty) Ltd is delighted to announce the recent placement of yet another dynamic individual, Mr Ian Furter, to the position of Regional Director in our Durban office. Mr Furter will occupy this office in his new position effective from the 01st March 2018.

A Regional Director entails a great deal of responsibility which we are very confident that Mr Furter, with his sterling record in the quantity surveying profession and well-grounded leadership qualities as recently demonstrated in his previous capacity at Mbatha Walters & Simpson, will be managed with outmost diligence.

Ian’s appointment is therefore without doubt a very important turning point for MW&S and we are confident his input will have a positive impact, and assist in further expanding our reach and improve the value of our services to our clientele.

Please join me in wishing Ian a very successful fulfilling attribute in his new leadership role. Once again we are excited with this addition to our management that he shall hold the MW&S flag with pride and contribute greatly to the diverse skillset the company holds.