April 16, 2018 gaywin

Adam Webber appointed Regional Director

A progressive and ingenious attempt to further the company’s centenary vision with a dream team that is fit for purpose is nearing its set goals as once expressed during our 80th Anniversary.

This attempt has a founding desire to reach a centenary with a capable and visionary team full of zest, and who with the passage of time would have matured to heed the call in waving the company’s flag for the next generation/s.

Mbatha Walters & Simpson (Pty) Ltd is very pleased and more so inspired without any doubt that such a sterling desire has now been fulfilled. It is with such delight and confidence that we announce the appointment of Adam Webber as the Regional Director in the Cape Town Office. Adam occupies this office in his new position effective from 01st March 2018.

Through this appointment and Adam’s well-grounded record in the quantity surveying profession, the company’s tailored operational and management expertise are strengthened. We believe that Adam in his geographic reach shall discharge that responsibility with the utmost diligence, therefore adding value to our clientele.

Please join me in congratulating Adam in his new position fulfilling an exciting yet goal setting task making the centenary a reality for Mbatha Walters & Simpson (Pty) Ltd.

Qinisani Mbatha
Managing Director